Share Your Foods Through Your iPhone

Most people love food, love eating, food tripping, and they also like to share it, share it on social media. Because of digital innovation, we can not only share the food we eat to someone beside us. Nowadays, food sharing is often seen on a Facebook page, Instagram photos, or Twitter account.

The trend is people will take shots of the food that they will going to eat before actually put it straight on their mouth. Not only that, after taking a snap shot, they’ll post it to their social media account right away using their iPhone or smartphone. The question is how instagrammable is your photo? Does it gather thousand likes on Facebook?

How to shoot better food photos on iPhone

Well, to achieve those instagrammable shots and receive thousand likes, even more than, here are tips to make the most of what is exactly on your plate. And mostly, do it with passion.

1. Light source

Basically, in shooting photos, it is always better to use the daylight. Never ever use direct sunlight. Also, do not try to utilize an overhead lighting. It is advisable to go for a natural lighting such as a diffused daylight. And most importantly, never attempt to use your iPhone flash since it gives a flat and harsh light.

2. Shooting styles and angles

For iPhone users, remember that an above shooting position and taking photos from your eye line works well. It would be good if you will take pictures of all the food that are on the table for once. You should also go for taking photos at the center so you can capture almost everything on the table. Adding some props like a pair of spoon and fork would give extra attraction to your photo. However, enhancing your own photo shooting style would always matter.

3. Napkins

As an alternative to white foam boards in reflecting lights and reducing dark shadows, napkins present at the table would be of great help. Put it in a place opposite to your light source. And surprise! It will lighten your foodies up.

4. Have focus

The steps are very simple. Just tap on the dark area and the image on your screen will brighten, or vice versa. However, make sure that your screen is not damage. Otherwise, subject it to an iPhone screen repair.

Most iPhone users are not informed that tapping the focal area of the iPhone screen will allow the phone to refocus and have a sharper shots.

5. Photo editing

Knowing how to control the image contrast, saturation, and warmness will make your photo look better. Moreover, doing this manually on your phone or editing apps will enhance your photo shooting style.