The Legendary Michelin Star

If you are a foodie and seeking to experience the best of best or if you are a chef who wants to be known for your culinary skills and experience, then you probably know about Michelin Stars. But the real question here is, how much do you know about it? This topic is discussed further in Before you head to the website however, check out a brief info about it in the next lines.

Work for It!


Michelin Stars have been part of restaurant rating system from famous Michelin Guide. Actually, this is so prominent that it has become a standard among restaurants. This system was created by brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin. The name does have a resemblance to the tire company right? Because it is!

For more than 100 years, the guide has been used in shaping and molding the future of restaurants and chefs all over the world. If you do get a star, it serves as a mark in your culinary career. But there is more to that, that you should know.

The very first guide for earning a Michelin Star was published in 1900 and was given for free. Inside, it contains tips as well as maps of changing a tire and also, where to find gas stations, lodging and restaurants. Michelin Stars did not appeal in guide until the start of 1926.

Earning Your First Star!

The question that most people are wondering is, if the stars are determined by tire manufacturers, what makes this so special and sought off? First of all, you ought to know that Michelin is operating in certain regions and unless your restaurant is situated in that area, you will not be considered.

Before putting your energy and time in obtaining that that star, you must consider first who were the anonymous inspectors that Michelin uses to review the restaurants.

No one actually knew what it takes to get a star but there are accounts online from chefs who managed to earn at least a star already. They disclosed that to get a star you need to have:

  • Staffs who pay utmost attention
  • Thoroughly cleaned kitchen and;
  • Dishes prepared with French accent

All of these create a formula to be recognized by Michelin. Of course, to get in their radar, you have to establish your reputation with local food writers and bloggers to have your name exposed to greater number of people.