The Risks of Preparing Food in Kitchen – Sinks and Benches

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The ability of people to prepare food properly and hygienically does not really depend on the person per se- how clean he/she is, but on the availability of well designed and constructed benches, a splash back that is quite easy to clean and helps in maintaining kitchen hygiene, and a functional and well constructed sink, with running water and drainage that is well sealed to the kitchen bench. If you think you cannot do the job of cleaning these kitchen parts, then you always have a choice of hiring a professional maid in San Diego at They provide exceptional services yet affordable prices to their clients.

There are many reason why you should prioritize your benches and sink because of the following problems they give that are hazardous to human health:

  1. Rotting benches and cupboards because of water from the sink that is penetrating the bench material.
  2. Decayed wall structure behind the bench and sink because the splash back between the sink and wall has failed
  3. Use of inferior bench top and splash back materials, which result in the work area becoming unhygienic because it is too hard to clean and/or it becomes infested with cockroaches and ants
  4. Choosing bench materials that cannot tolerate hot items, sharp knives and that are not suitable for cutting up large items of food
  5. Building benches that are too short or too narrow to store kitchen utensils safely or prepare food
  6. Installing sinks that are too small to allow for cleaning large pots or frypans
  7. Selecting single drainer sinks with limited space to store both dirty and clean dishes.

On the other hand, non water proof materials such as particle board, timber, fiber cement and concrete are not recommended for benches and splash back, also material that are difficult to clean, such as mosaic tiles should not be used.

Two critical items of health hardware essential for preparing food are, a working sink and kitchen bench. 94% of houses had a kitchen sink and 90 had the drainage working. However only 69% of houses had an adequate kitchen bench and only 61% of houses had effective splash backs behind sinks that prevented moisture under cupboards. Moisture under cupboards encourages insects, vermin and can lead to structural decay.