Wild Game And Its “Gamey” Flavor

Cellular trail camera reviews are helpful when looking for the best camera to utilize for hunting game. The word ‘game’ pertains to wild birds as well as faunas that are hunted and eaten. This includes animals as well as birds, such as rabbit, quail and deer, that when captured in the wild are now domestically raised. Today, deer and rabbit can either be taken from the wild or be farmed. Quails on the other hand are no longer permitted to be hunted in the wild, therefore they are now farmed.

How “Gamey” Flavors Are Produced

Although their meat may be a bit tougher which is determined by the animal’s age, the meat of wild games are in general more full of flavor compared to meat of animals that are farmed. There is a way to lessen the toughness of the meat though. After it is hunted, it is hung to aid in tenderizing the meat as well as to promote the growth of ‘gamey’ flavors. The longer it is hung, the more distinct the flavor will be, however there are recommended periods for hanging game meat, wherein it typically ranges from to 2 days (for rabbit meat) to 12 days (for deer meat).

Birds, during the earlier times, were suspended by their heads until the body falls off. This is an indication that they are ready to be cooked. This approach is perhaps a bit overly powerful for people’s taste or palate today, however hanging it for a short period of time is won’t overpower it’s flavor. If game meat is not permitted to develop its distinctive flavor, it would be better to purchase and cook meat that is farmed.

There are two categories for game. The first category is the game birds and feathered game wherein it includes partridge, grouse, snipe, pheasant, quail, woodcock, wild duck as well as wood pigeon. The second category is the furred game that includes rabbit, hair, wild boar and venison.

It is possible to directly purchase game that is oven-ready game from game suppliers, farm shops, butchers, supermarkets as well as online suppliers. Furred game will almost at all times be farmed.

When purchasing game that is oven-ready, ensure that:

  • it is moist
  • cuts should be firm to touch and are well-shaped
  • it isn’t slimy or greasy
  • it has no dry spots or discoloration
  • its smell should be fresh
  • game birds’ skin must be supple as well as smooth
  • the tips of the wing should be moist as well as pliable

Wild game that is fresh could only be purchased when in season however could be at any time be purchased frozen. Farmed game isn’t bound by similar seasons and some, like venison, is obtainable all throughout the year. Every kind of game could be hunted only for the duration of its hunting season. Always ask for recommendation if you aren’t confident in purchasing game. Ask your butcher or dealer how gamey the flavor the meat that you want as well as how you intend to cook it.