On a Keto? Foods Recommended for You

More and more individuals are becoming conscious about their health. Engaging into different exercising routine and dieting programs, like ketogenic diet, are some ways for them to get healthy and at the same time physically fit as well. As the demand for these activities arise, various books and references also come out to provide guidelines.


Example of such is the keto cookbook. This material assists dieters of a ketogenic diet regarding the suitable food that they may have to take. Meanwhile, most dieters especially beginners of a keto diet are looking for the best keto cookbook as their reference. However, in case you are having a hard time in looking for the best ketogenic cookbook, here are some of the recommended foods that you can eat while you are on a keto and doing it with passion.


Foods for Ketogenic Dieters



Ketogenic diet is a dieting plan with high amount of fats and low contents of carbs. The extra fats in the body is the main target of this diet plan. Rather than carbohydrates, the fats stored in the body is being burned to produce glycogen which will then be converted into energy.


Studies show that ketogenic diet produces beneficial effects for diabetes, epilepsy, and cancer aside from the fact that it is an effective weight loss regimen.


Below are some foods that you may take while on keto:



Avocados contain high amount of potassium. Potassium is very essential in ketogenic diet because it aids to make the transition to this diet an easier one. It also contains some levels of vitamins and other minerals. Avocados are also beneficial in improving the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.




Cheese become a great option for ketogenic diet because it is high in fats and has very low amount of carbs. Even though cheese contains saturated fat in high amount, it doesn’t have a significant effect for the risk of heart disease. This food also has conjugated linoleic acid, another type of fat which is related to fat loss.




What makes coconut oil a perfect food choice of keto dieters is because of its unique characteristics. The medium-chain triglycerides that it contains are directly processed by the liver. This produces a by-product known as ketones which can be a source of energy. Further, MCT, in combination with lauric acid, the main fatty acid present in coconut oil, aid in sustaining the level of ketosis.