Food Presentation Lies on How You Plate it

`If you have a business aimed at foodservice, then you know how critical it is to do perfect plating and presentation. Let’s face it, beautifully plated foods are sometimes enough to keep diners happy and make the food more upscale than what it is.

The thing with the food industry business is that, many restaurateurs are ignoring the impact of plating. It is either the chefs are too concerned of how their dishes would taste like or simply busy.

Here’s something you have to remember, people are eating with their eyes and having thoughtful and creative plating enhances the taste and look of your foods.

Giving time on presentation help chefs to truly put emphasis on their creation and show diners what their money can buy. Truly, it is a one-of-a-kind experience. While there are no fast and hard rules with regards to proper plating, there are concepts that have to be taken into consideration when preparing and presenting the culinary creations of your restaurants.

Your Plate Tells the Story of Your Dish

As mentioned, there are no standards on how plating should be done. But with the help of the tips below, you have a foundation on how it can be executed.

It All Depends on the Plate

The plate used for the meal is paramount for amplifying the overall food presentation. In doing so, there are couple of things that must be taken into account.

  • Pick the right plate – a way that you can do in conceptualizing plating is by thinking yourself as artist. The plate serve as the canvas and the dish is your medium.
  • Size of the plate – you have to be wise in choosing your plate. It should be big to have enough space for the foods and for every element to stand out. However, it must small enough that portions are just of the right amount.
  • Complementary color – if you think that the color of the plate does nothing, think again. White plates are extremely popular as it creates neutral background for your creations. Use the white space by looking at it as the frame and always follow the rule of thirds in highlighting the focal points of your dish.

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