Stream Your Food on Twitch While You Eat

Aside from gaming, Twitch offer a social eating category in their platform. From gaming to eating live on Twitch, it became an online trend especially in South Korea in 2010. There are even gaming channel host who is seen eating a hot dog which is by greater than 400 online Twitch viewers. A break from the game is all part the social eating category on Twitch.

However, as the proper table decorum, watching someone eating their meal at a restaurant is a rude act. Still, this online sensation provides a remission for gastrointestinal peepers. The “social eating” channel was also launched by Twitch, aside from its typical video games streaming. In this social eating channel, people have the chance to watch, connect, and communicate with others while eating.

Social Eating What-abouts

Here are some ideas on the online trend on Twitch.

The Muk-bang

Social eating was launched as a segment of the expanding artistic channel of Twitch. Thus, this creative channel of Twitch entails of live presentation of painting, costume making, and drawing. Originally, the social eating sensation built up its popularity in South Korea. It is there that the muk-bang, which means eating broadcast, became a real sensation over the social media industry.

The primary purpose of the social eating channels is to give emphasis on communicating with the viewers while eating live even on the gaming sessions.

Muk-bang streamers usually break into food packs amounting to numbers of calories. Alongside with this is chatting and answering fans queries. It is just like a wild game having its gamey flavors.

The Feeling of Social Eating

This social eating channel on Twitch has been considered as more relaxing mode of eating. The casual eating of hot dog meals or binging on nachos while playing video games are the common scenarios of many streamers. But, they not literally replicate the muk-bang concept of eating piles of foods. Streamers mainly enjoying the food while eating in a social setting which provides interactive entertainment to those people who are watching.

Social Eating Regulations

Even on social platforms, there are regulations that must be followed. Twitch released some rules to be considered by the streamers. The following are not allowed on:
• Drinking alcoholic beverages
• Eating food that are not intended for human
• Food contests or challenges
• Baby feeding or pet feeding