Marketing Your Food And Drink Business On Instagram

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Marketing On Instagram

Most businesses make use of social media as a method of advertising, and one platform the many use, such as the food and drink business, is Instagram. Instagram is a very famous refuge for foodies. In actuality, the most prevalent subject matter for instagrammers in the United Kingdom is food and beverage, with 39% of individuals in the UK using the said platform to engage in their interests proclaiming themselves as food and drink enthusiasts.

However, keeping pace with this community that moves so quickly community could be testing. Below are simple yet the best practices of marketer in the food and beverage industry you could learn from to attract and draw in the “foodstagram” generation today.

High Quality Photos

The image quality of your photo could create a major impact and impression on the viewer. Seeing a blurry or dim photo of appear as tasty as well as satisfying compared to a clear, sharp and well-defined photo. Therefore, when posting on your feed as well as on stories, ensure every photo or image is of excellent quality.

Content Generated by Users

Sharing photos from followers could boost engagement as well as fuel traffic. Moreover, you could encourage audience engagement by crafting contests, inviting them to tag you, make use of particular hashtags or involve influencers. Doing so demonstrates love as well as support to your followers while at the same time letting others know that your products are liked by people.


In the industry of food and beverage, hashtags are essentially important since they are helpful in getting you discovered, compiling every photo or image in a single area and creating dialogue. It would be excellent to involve and engage your followers as well by having them use your hashtags.

Community Management

Responding to your followers’ comments and questions on Instagram is an extremely imperative approach for you to engage with your followers or audience. This will help in creating a a voice for your Instagram community and establish relationships.


Identify at which time of the day your followers and target audience are most active since this could be a basis for engagement. Moreover, you would be able to reach and draw in a wider range of people.