Creating The Right Ambiance in Catering Establishments With Dimmable LED Light

Dimmable LED Lighting for the Hospitality Industry

Atmosphere and pendant lights sydney in the hospitality industry, such as a restaurant, cafe, hotel or foyer, is extremely important.
You may not immediately think of LED lighting to use in your company, because this type of lighting was known in the past as hard and cold light which is difficult to use to make a room attractive. With dimmable LED lighting, it is now also possible to create the right ambiance in catering establishments. Below you can see a small selection from our range.
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Dimmable LED Lamps in Your Cafe, Restaurant or Hotel
To properly control the light intensity, it is advisable to use dimmable LED lamps in your bar or café. Not only the lamps above the physical bar but all individual lamps can be fitted with dimmable LED lighting. Our range offers the following solutions, among others: 2000, 2200 and 2600 Kelvin
Globe LED bulbs in all kinds of variants (gold, clear, opal, 2600 or 2200 Kelvin, etc.)

LED lighting
It is not only the atmosphere that is important in a restaurant, but also the work space and any reception area must have the correct lighting. Every room in a catering establishment requires a different approach when it comes to applying LED lighting. In the kitchen it is desirable that there is sufficient work light with the right light intensity. The space where your guests are located must feel warm and atmospheric . With the dimmable LED lighting from Strong Led Lighting it becomes easy to get the right mood in every room.

Customized Atmosphere in the Hospitality Industry
In our web shop you will find a variety of dimmable LED lighting for the hospitality industry, varying from bulb lamps to spotlights. It is, of course, also possible that you would prefer tailor-made advice . We would be happy to visit you on location to provide sound advice in areas such as energy saving, brightness, subsidy options and which products are suitable for your company.