Making an Impression on Your First Date!

Dating is already hard. So why would you take your date to a place where foods are messy or something that forces you to eat with your hands? If this is your first time having a date, then you should never risk creating a negative impression. Always remember, it is not where you will be bringing your date; rather it is the choice of food that make she’ll remember.

Foods You’ll never get Wrong Ordering on a Date

So to secure that you’ll create an unforgettable memory with your date, here are the top foods you may order on a date. Just a bit of disclaimer, gauge your date first on what types of foods she is into.


Say that you have a “skill” in using chopsticks, why not little bit show it off? It is extra points on you if you know what you are ordering. By ordering sushi, there’s little splash and mess. At the same time, it is so delicious. However, if you are not into this, then try ordering something that you are familiar and you should be fine.

Not only that, eating sushi come with certain degree of grace, sophistication as well as confidence. With your finesse in using chopsticks, you may take advantage of this as well to step up your flirting game.


Just a friendly reminder when ordering oysters, make sure to do so if you have had them before. It isn’t the best place to discover that one of you is allergic to it or any shellfish. This is the perfect recipe to ruin the entire night. Seafood and oysters are considered as aphrodisiacs but still, there is no concrete evidence on it. See to it that you have your oyster fork to be able to minimize mess as you eat.


As they say, save the best for last! This is a delectable type of food that you should add to your list. Chocolates do contain chemicals like phenylethylamine and anandamide that can boost serotonin levels that makes you feel happy. So when you are on a date and wish to feel good at anything you good, pull out a bar of chocolate. Plus, it is a sweet thought that never fails among girls.

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