Gemstones Function over Food Eating

Food is surely an essential part of our everyday living. Yet, food is not the only huge challenge in terms of eating and, much more, obesity. Moreover, eating can be the factor and, at the same time, the result of some areas of life and the mind. When it comes to increasing the appetite, gemstones, such as those offer by Manifestation magic, may also play a vital role on this aspect like that of the amazing benefits of coffee.


Through the use of the third eye, root chakras, crown, and solar plexus, gemstones assist in curbing the appetite by allowing the individual to feel satisfied and full or committed to a certain diet.


Gemstones and the Appetite

The brain measures the level of food stored in the stomach. Basically, the result of this brain’s measurement is the individual’s appetite. Most often, the brain gives false-positive signals of being half empty, when it is actually half full. Gemstones can be of great help in decreasing one’s appetite and alter the secretion of hormones in the body.


Gem Elixir


To easily gather effective gem elixirs, simply infuse the gemstones in either lunar or solar water. Usually, it is used orally or as a solution for bathing in order for the penetration or immersion of the gem into the body. Infusion of the gem elixirs is absolutely a better way to use it but always keep in mind that the appropriate healing crystals must be selected safely and correctly.




The primary function of crystals is to boost the individual’s affirmation and it is really important to have an accurate and positive affirmations. This will generally guide you to realize the goal or desire. Utilization of imaginative crystals that can enhance the higher chakras is one of the best ways to boost the power of affirmation.


Crystal Grid


A powerful way to correlate various energies into a single grid is through the use of crystal grid. It helps to empower an individual’s affirmations and make it happen. An individual can also use the crystal grid for eliminating out unimportant additives and fat to the diet. As usual, carefully select the gemstones to see best results.


Crystal Pendulum


Made using the appropriate crystals, a crystal pendulum can be truly beneficial for trimming down food cravings. Simply move the crystal pendulum over the chakras via hovering. This can able to identify unrelated chakras using the vibration executed by the gemstone pendulum. However, remember to check the third eye, solar plexus, and root chakras for their imbalances that often results to weight gain.