Pairing The Perfect Scotch & Cigar

After a long exhausting day, many people look forward to coming home to unwind and enjoy sipping their choice of drink as well as smoke the finest cigar. But, finding out which brew excellently matches with a cigar isn’t a simple and easy task.

Drinks such as scotch, rum, whiskey, and cognac matched with the right kind of cigars enliven and enhance the experience. Now, rather than taking pleasure in these two leisure recreation separately you could enjoy both all together with utter ease. One pairing that many delight in is Scotch & Cigars.

scotch & cigarPairing The Perfect Scotch and Cigar

Throughout the fermentation process, increasingly more flavor as well as substance goes together with your choice of scotch. Therefore, the longer time sits, the better the scotch becomes. But, pairing scotch and cigar could be tricky.

According to experts, it is important that you pick your scotch wisely. Although you may want to have one that has a smooth good taste, you also have to make sure that it does not overpower the taste of your cigar. Rather, you want something that picks up where your drink has left off. When sipping a blended scotch such as Johnnie Walker Black, one of the most excellent cigars to accompany it with would be a Kentucky Fire Cured or Leccia White. Usually, the scotch has a peaty flavor which is perfectly complimented by the mentioned cigars as they have far more smoky feeling.

Johnnie Walker Blue, although it comes in the same line of brand, will have an entirely distinct taste and experience. This is the type of scotch that, in certain ways, has everything. The three major flavors that scotch have are peaty, sweet and smooth. Usually a scotch merely contains one of the three major flavors with traces of the others that are unique and subtle as if everything is present. However, Johnnie Walker Blue has these three prominent flavors at the tip of your taste buds.

These prominent flavors flawlessly mix together to produce a magnificent blend. In such situation, an excellent cigar that would complement and balance this scotch is a Davidoff Millennium as its smoothness retains the blended scotch’s balance without it being overpowered or lose that cigar experience as it mixes with everything.