Eat Right, Make It A Part Of Your Healthy Study Habit

When it comes to studying for your studies, it is not only important to have a flexible learning plan and a little help from an assignment expert, it is also important to create a lot of learning content for you and to repeat it continuously. In addition, it is very valuable that you pursue a healthy lifestyle and eat a correct and balanced diet.

Especially before an important exam, it is important that you focus on learning with all your strength and that you can work productively. Proper nutrition with a mix of certain foods is essential and gives you the right power to learn. In video below, it shows what you should pay attention to and which brain food is good for the brain and performance.

Eating To Remember

Choose the right carbohydrates

Generally, our brain needs the most energy, in the form of sugar or glucose. But you have to be careful here: Too much sugar, often found in short-chain carbohydrates (white flour products), causes the insulin level to rise briefly but does not provide the body with energy in the long term – it can literally paralyze the brain!

Carbohydrate in the stress of exams, it can be tempting to put a ready-made pizza in the oven or order it. Often there is no time or desire to cook. The wrong carbohydrates make us tired and take the drive out of the body. Then comes the so-called food coma or pasta coma – a feeling of lethargy and sluggishness that one has after eating a large meal with high amounts of carbohydrates. You don’t feel like going ahead and you could just fall into bed for a nap.

It is therefore extremely important to rely on complex, long-chain carbohydrates (the multiple sugars) when learning to provide energy. These are broken down more slowly by the body and continuously supply the brain with energy. This helps to increase your concentration while studying and not to lose focus on the exams.

Importance of a Balanced Diet

Rethink your diet during your studies and to try something new. And that does not always have to be expensive. There are many recipes that you can use to quickly conjure up something fresh in the kitchen from your mum’s garden.

There are studies that show how important certain foods are for the brain and increase concentration. During the exam preparation, you may also do less exercise than usual, which also has a negative impact on your ability to concentrate. In connection with an unhealthy diet, motivation quickly disappears. There are foods that are particularly good for improving brain activity and increasing your productivity.

A balanced diet is always important, regardless of learning. So that you can walk straight to the supermarket and stock up on the right food for your learning.