May 2020

The Best Foods To Snack On While Playing Your Favorite Video Games

Everyone strives to achieve a balance between a healthy and nutritious diet. For what we all know, we need to have 3 healthy meals a day. That’s for most people. But for avid gamers, especially for those hooked up on League of Legends (buy lol account here), spending even half an hour in the kitchen is nearly impossible. This is true when your party is calling you to complete a… Read More »The Best Foods To Snack On While Playing Your Favorite Video Games

Esports Gamers : Their Diets and Lifestyles

Thanks to esports gamers, the misconception that avid video game players have poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles, has been corrected to some extent. After all, pro esports gamers are also recognized as athletes who need to stay physically and mentally fit, if they want to become members of an elite team competing in the professional world of video gaming. Millions of video game players around the world come from… Read More »Esports Gamers : Their Diets and Lifestyles

Why Drink Espresso After Eating?

After an extensive menu with your favorite Italian, an espresso is offered at the end. And indeed, after enjoying the little coffee, the food is not so heavy in the stomach and you just feel better again. The feeling of indolence that happily sets in after eating seems to have been blown away. But what is it about this tradition that is celebrated extensively in many countries? Or is it… Read More »Why Drink Espresso After Eating?