Why Drink Espresso After Eating?

After an extensive menu with your favorite Italian, an espresso is offered at the end. And indeed, after enjoying the little coffee, the food is not so heavy in the stomach and you just feel better again. The feeling of indolence that happily sets in after eating seems to have been blown away. But what is it about this tradition that is celebrated extensively in many countries? Or is it just an imaginary effect in the end? Scientists argue about the effects of espresso on digestion and well-being.

Espresso? What is that, actually?

Small, black, and strong – these are the attributes that are immediately attributed to small coffee. Many coffee drinkers swear by the short coffee enjoyment, others the specialty is too strong. Opinions are already divided here, but as everyone knows, there is no arguing about taste. There is agreement on the origin of the espresso.

The espresso comes from Italy, more precisely from Milan, and was first drunk here around 1900.

He has now conquered the world and is an integral part of every coffee menu. The preparation of this Italian coffee specialty is an art in itself, especially if it is made with a portafilter machine. The drink is much easier with a fully automatic coffee machine from Kaffee Partner – whether after lunch or as a wake-up snack in between.

Espresso on a table with a glass of water

For a perfect espresso, hot water is pressed through freshly ground coffee powder under high pressure. The hallmark of a successful drink is the fine crema. Depending on the coffee bean used, the espresso is more digestible or stronger. The typical Italian variant is prepared from dark roasted beans with a Robusta content of 50%. The version with lightly roasted Arabica beans, on the other hand, is more wholesome. Incidentally, it is a myth that espresso contains more caffeine than other coffees. Only the concentration is higher due to the lower liquid content.

This is how an espresso works after eating

An espresso after dinner is a special treat that is celebrated not only in Italy but in many other European countries. This is not only due to the typical taste, but also the pleasantly warm feeling is good. But these are not the only reasons for a little coffee after a meal. The special effect of the espresso is linked to the caffeine it contains. Caffeine is said to have a stimulating effect. The metabolism and the central nervous system are stimulated in the human body – pulse and blood pressure rise. Normally the body deals with digestion after eating, all other functions are shut down so that a certain amount of fatigue sets in. The espresso prevents fatigue thanks to its caffeine content. But the positive effects are not yet exhausted.

Espresso after eating

The caffeine in espresso also affects digestion. It can stimulate intestinal activity and thus trigger emptying of the intestine. However, gastric digestion is not affected, as is often wrongly claimed. Espresso also has a positive effect on gastric acid production. The bitter substances contained play an important role here. These regulate the production of stomach acid and prevent stomach acidification. In addition, a coffee after eating helps to rebalance the oral flora. The polyphenols contained in coffee fight bacteria and plaque. Thus, enjoying coffee after eating has numerous positive effects.

An espresso for dessert – enjoyment with many positive effects

Who would have thought that? The espresso after eating really has a positive effect on the body. Especially when you can’t afford an extensive lunch break, the little pick-me-up helps you to get through the midday low. At the same time, it stimulates intestinal activity and thus improves well-being after eating. Only people with iron deficiency should avoid the Italian specialty after eating – coffee contains polyphenols. These phytochemicals can prevent the absorption of iron. Otherwise, there is nothing to be said against a stimulating little espresso for dessert.

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