Virtual Dinner Parties : Pioneered by Millennials Even Before Lockdowns

During the COVID-19 lockdowns people across the globe quickly recovered from disappointments over disrupted plans and fears of going into isolation. In a short period of time, millennials easily moved on, using teleconferencing platforms that not only allowed them to work from home, but also to virtually socialize with friends.

The swiftness by which most millennials were able to shift to socializing remotely is a skill they developed even before the COVID-19 lockdown. Many were already into organizing virtual get-togethers with interstate and/or international friends via Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams; before Zoom entered the video-conferencing field.

Since not a few millennials are already experts in organizing virtual dinner parties, they are able to share tips and give advice on how to organize virtual reunions with family members or friends

Experts Highlight Pointers to Consider When Organizing Virtual Dinner Parties

Apparently, the adage “the more, the merrier” is not advisable, as less would be better. Too many participants could leave some out of the conversation and simply stay silent. Others would react by changing the topics even as other participants are still having a good banter. What experts suggest is to keep the number of party guests to about four or five.

Also, avoid mixing the fun-loving types who prefer karaoke-singing or rave-like partying with those who are simply looking to enjoy a virtual get-together dinner. After all the main purpose is to come together in a relaxed virtual environment, and hear updates from close kin or friends.

Get consensus from the group on the way they want to have their dinner. As an alternative to preparing or ordering different dishes, cooking the same kind of dish, whilst using the same recipe is highly recommended. It’s an excellent way of keeping the dinner-time conversation flowing easily, as some will try cooking for the first time and will be asking some tips from the experts.


When it seems that everyone is having fun, start planning for the next meet up while everyone is still present. Decide on a date, designate a host or organizer, plan on what food to order or cook, and anything else others will suggest. That way, everyone will become experts in organizing a virtual dinner party.