Basics for a health-conscious eating behavior

Eating habits are largely shaped in the parental home. The decisive course for this is already set in the first years of life.

The promotion of healthy eating behavior takes place in everyday family life

As a parent, you want your child to thrive and develop healthily and to have the best possible conditions for later life. An important building block for this is nutrition and eating behavior, which are already decisively shaped in the first years of life. Aside from buying them 12 Awesome Toys & Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys | Medium, you should consider the nutritional value when you buy foods for them.

In these first years of life, children largely orient themselves towards their parents, siblings and people in their immediate home environment when it comes to nutrition. The essential basis for your child’s eating behavior is thus formed by the experiences and observations that they have made in their families about eating and drinking. This includes, for example, your own eating habits, the choice of food in your household, whether and how you eat together.

In concrete terms, healthy eating habits for your child mean:

  • To learn to eat independently,
  • To adopt table and dining manners,
  • To acquire eating rules and eating rituals,
  • Always trying new dishes,
  • To be more and more involved in the selection and preparation of dishes,
  • To take responsibility for one’s own diet.

Eating with pleasure: the basis of healthy eating habits

Enjoyment and interest in food are an essential means of a child-friendly nutritional education and an important prerequisite for healthy eating behavior. And your child can develop both more easily if you orientate yourself towards their age-appropriate needs when it comes to nutrition and support them in their own activity.

If you manage to be guided by your child’s needs and abilities and to avoid stress at mealtimes as much as possible, this is the best prerequisite for your child to develop and keep enjoying eating.

Awaken the joy of eating with care and patience

The course for your child’s eating behavior is already set in infancy.

Learning to eat independently is not easy and your child will need all your support and patience. Talk to him well at meals and praise him when he has eaten well or tried something new. First, offer your child a small portion of food or let your child take a portion as soon as they can help themselves. If it is still hungry, it is better to add more.