Food tips for hiking

When hiking, diet is important for many reasons. You don’t want to have deficiency symptoms or any digestive problems. Also, the food makes up over a third of the total weight of your backpack, depending on the length of the route. Good planning in advance is therefore essential. If you go buy car covers then you can buy the foods needed for your next hiking adventure.

Which provisions are suitable for the backpack?

If you set off on a shorter day tour then there is nothing wrong with fresh food. Whole-grain bread with cheese and vegetables such as carrots, kohlrabi, cucumbers, or peppers are filling and at the same time refreshing food. Apples, pears, or bananas packed in a squeeze-proof way are recommended as a quick source of energy for in between meals.

Trail mix and muesli bars also fit perfectly into the hiking backpack. Special sports bars take up hardly any space in the backpack but replace a whole meal with a considerable 200 – 400 calories. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, and minerals are already distributed in an ideal ratio in this hiking food. Special trekking food is also available so that you can benefit from the most balanced and vitamin-rich diet possible on a multi-day trek.

The most famous snacks while hiking include

  • Jerky meat
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Dried fruit, muesli
  • Instant coffee

By the way, you can easily make trekking food yourself. Store your prepared and dried meals in Ziploc bags and enjoy local food on the go.

Very important: drink, drink, drink

With all the delicious food, don’t forget to pack well-filled drinking bottles. Satisfy your fluid needs primarily with water, diluted apple juice which is very high in potassium, or unsweetened tea. Isotonic sports drinks that compensate for the loss of minerals are also suitable for demanding tours. Drink a few sips regularly, about every half hour.

This is important because as soon as you feel very thirsty, the body has already lost a lot of fluids. By the way, you can treat yourself to a glass of beer as soon as you have reached your destination. However, you should avoid alcohol during the tour. It makes you tired and removes water and energy from the body.