TAKE A BAO is a modern take on asian cuisine. dishes from all across asia inspired us, and we’ve melded them with our american tastes and french technique, so we’re a serious melting pot of world flavors. which is why we can’t claim that our food is authentic. and we’re okay with that.

there’s two TAKE A BAOs in the los angeles area. at TAKE A BAO studio city, we’re a freestanding restaurant with a full bar of handpicked craft beers, wine and specialty cocktails. you’ll also find us in the chic century city westfield mall. both restaurants have a modern, urban vibe, thanks to some of la’s best architects. each has its own unique menu, both serving lunch, dinner and everything in between.

so you may be asking - why bao? well, bao has always been our favorite part of dim sum. we’ve given it a twist by rolling it flat and filling it with fresh, quality ingredients, local produce and all natural meat. but we go way beyond bao, with noodles, salads, rice bowls, soups, small bites, desserts and much more.