Paul Strong

Marketing Rules to Practice

If you are working in the foodservice industry, then you are exposed in the cutthroat and fierce competition of every restaurateur. With the fast-changing landscape and enormous pressure, it is tough to keep your restaurant afloat. Not to mention, be the first to be recalled by customers. A major factor to be taken into mind is striking balance between retaining existing clients and attracting new customers. It does not matter… Read More »Marketing Rules to Practice

Food Presentation Lies on How You Plate it

`If you have a business aimed at foodservice, then you know how critical it is to do perfect plating and presentation. Let’s face it, beautifully plated foods are sometimes enough to keep diners happy and make the food more upscale than what it is. The thing with the food industry business is that, many restaurateurs are ignoring the impact of plating. It is either the chefs are too concerned of… Read More »Food Presentation Lies on How You Plate it

Perfect Foods to Snack on while Playing Your Favorite Video Games

Everyone strives to achieve balance between healthy and nutritious diet. For what we all know, we need to have 3 healthy meals a day. That’s for most people. But for gamers who play Agario, especially the hardcore ones, spending even half an hour in the kitchen is nearly impossible. This is true when your party is calling you to complete a mission. Fortunately, it does not necessarily that you must… Read More »Perfect Foods to Snack on while Playing Your Favorite Video Games

The Legendary Michelin Star

If you are a foodie and seeking to experience the best of best or if you are a chef who wants to be known for your culinary skills and experience, then you probably know about Michelin Stars. But the real question here is, how much do you know about it? This topic is discussed further in Before you head to the website however, check out a brief info about… Read More »The Legendary Michelin Star