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Keeping the High-Protein Diet for Seniors

If you hear a high protein diet do you think about bodybuilders? Men and women with chest, arm, and leg muscles? Since they build muscle bodybuilders require high levels of protein. However, a high protein diet is very important to seniors, also. Regardless of your age or level of fitness, you need nourishment. Your body is based on protein. Seniors require a high protein diet to maintain: Total Wellbeing Muscle… Read More »Keeping the High-Protein Diet for Seniors

Esports Gamers : Their Diets and Lifestyles

Thanks to esports gamers, the misconception that avid video game players have poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles, has been corrected to some extent. After all, pro esports gamers are also recognized as athletes who need to stay physically and mentally fit, if they want to become members of an elite team competing in the professional world of video gaming. Millions of video game players around the world come from… Read More »Esports Gamers : Their Diets and Lifestyles

Diet Tips on Preventing Kidney Stones

Your daily diet may have a large effect on kidney stone formation, although kidney stone pain can be excruciating. Below are seven kidney stone diet suggestions if you are attempting to prevent forming stones. Below are some tips on how you can change your diet to prevent forming kidney stones. Increase fluid intake The average person should drink between 12-16 cups of water daily. Individuals with renal and coronary artery… Read More »Diet Tips on Preventing Kidney Stones

Eat Right, Make It A Part Of Your Healthy Study Habit

When it comes to studying for your studies, it is not only important to have a flexible learning plan and a little help from an assignment expert, it is also important to create a lot of learning content for you and to repeat it continuously. In addition, it is very valuable that you pursue a healthy lifestyle and eat a correct and balanced diet. Especially before an important exam, it… Read More »Eat Right, Make It A Part Of Your Healthy Study Habit

How To Avoid Food Poisoning At Home

Almost one in ten people suffered from food poisoning in 2010. As many as half a million succumbed to it, especially in Africa, this is still fatal. That’s why it is important to prevent the contamination of food starting from the kitchen. The choice of kitchen materials also makes a difference. A good example is the use of stainless steel kitchen sink as stainless steel is known to disinfect itself… Read More »How To Avoid Food Poisoning At Home

Are Restaurants Coping with the Covid-19 Crisis?

The Covid-19 plague has turned into a national crisis in the U.S., sending restaurants, fast-food outlets and catering services reeling from its impact. In line with the “social distancing” precaution recommended by the World Health Organization, state public health officials are urging the public to stay home and as much as possible, out of public places. Although many have heeded the advice, not a few have not done so; mostly… Read More »Are Restaurants Coping with the Covid-19 Crisis?