Is it Safe to Order Takeaway Foods?

Covid19 is actually a respiratory illness and there’s no hard evidence that it could spread through any food packaging or the food itself. Good restaurant kitchens and known chains are likely to be leaning towards hygienic and professional food preparation. This means, that they are focusing on minimizing the risks of any cooked takeaway of being contaminated by the virus. Now that social distancing is implemented as well as extra… Read More »Is it Safe to Order Takeaway Foods?

Forks are more Intricate than You Think

You may be used to the fork that you’re using at home. But do you know that there are different kinds of forks in a fine dining setting? To give you an example, there’s the salad fork which is among the common kinds of fork that you’ll see in sets of silverware. You may buy salad forks individually too. If you are familiar of proper table etiquette, then you’ll definitely… Read More »Forks are more Intricate than You Think

4 Categories of Desserts

When talking about desserts, many of us would immediately think of chocolates and other sweets. Well that is where you are wrong. Believe it or not, desserts also have different classes which are what we will discuss further in this article. Want to step up your game in expanding the varieties of dessert types to prepare and serve, then reading the entire content would be extremely helpful. Let’s begin! Hot… Read More »4 Categories of Desserts

Making an Impression on Your First Date!

Dating is already hard. So why would you take your date to a place where foods are messy or something that forces you to eat with your hands? If this is your first time having a date, then you should never risk creating a negative impression. Always remember, it is not where you will be bringing your date; rather it is the choice of food that make she’ll remember. Foods… Read More »Making an Impression on Your First Date!

Food Porn at its Finest

Try checking your Facebook or Instagram feed, you’d probably notice one thing on it. That is the fact that there is never-ending list of delectable food pictures posted by different pages and your friends alike. Everyone from all over the world seems to be taking snaps of the most scrumptious and delicious treats they are about to eat. You for sure are doing the same thing. But, how would you… Read More »Food Porn at its Finest

How To Spark Up Your Romantic Date

Couples who have exceeded the three-year margin of relationships tend to be very relaxed about each other and how they make up for the lost time. More often than not, couples in this time of relationships are more focused on what happens in their life outside the relationship, more specifically their work. Work becomes the optimal thing to be considered important and everything beyond it begs for time. But, as… Read More »How To Spark Up Your Romantic Date

A Bag That Carry Your Foods While Trekking

Trekking often will take a backpack to bring food, water, extra garments and other personal needs like your leather organizer purse with built in wallet. The design, capacity, suitability and functionality of hiking backpacks vary widely, so it’s hard to know which type of backpack you need to buy. Therefore, we will first create this backpack guide to describe the different types of backpacks and determine capacity, suitability and functional… Read More »A Bag That Carry Your Foods While Trekking

Marketing Rules to Practice

If you are working in the foodservice industry, then you are exposed in the cutthroat and fierce competition of every restaurateur. With the fast-changing landscape and enormous pressure, it is tough to keep your restaurant afloat. Not to mention, be the first to be recalled by customers. A major factor to be taken into mind is striking balance between retaining existing clients and attracting new customers. It does not matter… Read More »Marketing Rules to Practice

Food Presentation Lies on How You Plate it

`If you have a business aimed at foodservice, then you know how critical it is to do perfect plating and presentation. Let’s face it, beautifully plated foods are sometimes enough to keep diners happy and make the food more upscale than what it is. The thing with the food industry business is that, many restaurateurs are ignoring the impact of plating. It is either the chefs are too concerned of… Read More »Food Presentation Lies on How You Plate it

The Risks of Preparing Food in Kitchen – Sinks and Benches

The ability of people to prepare food properly and hygienically does not really depend on the person per se- how clean he/she is, but on the availability of well designed and constructed benches, a splash back that is quite easy to clean and helps in maintaining kitchen hygiene, and a functional and well constructed sink, with running water and drainage that is well sealed to the kitchen bench. If you… Read More »The Risks of Preparing Food in Kitchen – Sinks and Benches

How Restaurants Benefit from Tankless Water Heater

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A tankless water heater is very popular these days because it has proven itself a great replacement for standard storage-type water heaters in residential and light commercial applications, most especially the best natural gas tankless water heater because it adds up the benefit of being less harmful to the environment and to the human health. The question is, how well do these types of hot water delivery system works in locations… Read More »How Restaurants Benefit from Tankless Water Heater

The Legendary Michelin Star

If you are a foodie and seeking to experience the best of best or if you are a chef who wants to be known for your culinary skills and experience, then you probably know about Michelin Stars. But the real question here is, how much do you know about it? This topic is discussed further in aeonreviews.com. Before you head to the website however, check out a brief info about… Read More »The Legendary Michelin Star

Food Craze For 2019

Tahini Desserts Are The Completely new Peanut Butter Sweets The first tahini trend happened a couple of years ago when consumers recognized the ground sesame seed spread could possibly do more than just provide taste to hummus. But anticipate those uses to go beyond savory foods following year. Soom Foods, one famous jarred brand, is beginning to see its tahini either the classic and chocolate-flavor used in restaurant desserts throughout… Read More »Food Craze For 2019

Street Food in Peshawar

Today, I’m (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) bringing you in DEEP for a FULL ON street food tour of Peshawar, Pakistan. Peshawar is one of the oldest market towns in the world and has one of the richest street food scenes you’ll ever witness! You need to travel to Pakistan! We’re going Foodrangin’ for tons of FAMOUS Pakistan Street Food – including the AMAZING BBQ Nisar Charsi Tikka Kababs, some… Read More »Street Food in Peshawar